Emmy Award Winning director Joel Kazuo Knoernschild & writer Chris Schieffelin's moving short film WARHORSE.

A disenfranchised man one step away from homelessness rails against his own misfortunes and hatches a plan to rebuild his life and achieve the elusive, "American Dream." Mirroring reality, his skewed intentions pull him into a deal with the “devil,” which he can never go back. But at what costs?

Official Selection: Dances with Films Festival, Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival.

Starring: John Ennis & Dave Hawthorne. Co-Starring Josh Fadem. Featuring Jack McLoughlin, Roland Sanchez, Katie Malia, Bobby Maruvada, Blanca Philips, Mackenzie Graham
Director: Joel Kazuo Knoernschild
Writer: Chris Schieffelin
Producers: Chris Schieffelin, Randy Wedick & Joel Knoernschild
Executive Producers: Jeff Brue, Stephen Buchanan & David Zonshine
Associate Producers: Rory Uphold & Joaquin Poblete
Director of Photography: Randy Wedick
1st AC: Brian Glenn
2nd AC: Adam Hamer
Steadicam Operator: Chris Loh
DIT: John Goodner
Gaffer: Nghia Khuu
Key Grip: Julien Janigo & Mike Prim
Grip: Forest Penny Brown
Editor: Barry O Donnell
Wardrobe: Kaz Faulke-Wolf
HMU: Yasuko Shapiro
Production Sound Mixer: JP Robelot
Assistant Director: Chris Schieffelin
Production Designer: Calder Greenwood & Chris Steidle
Art Director: Chris Steidle
Typography & Art Direction: Dan Carpenter
Post Prod. Supervisor / VFX Dept. Head: Jeff Brue
Colorist: Bobby Maruvada
Original Music Composed by: Joshua L. Giroux
Special Thanks: More Media, Stephen Buchanan, Jared Stein, the Springs DTLA, Evidence Cameras, Joel Deutsch, EVS, Toby Fulp, Katie Malia, Cheney Shapiro & Judson Williams, Gareth & Christine Kantner, Chris McPherson, Patrick Chapman, Ted & Theresa Bischak, Amy Yvonne Yu, Caren Yamauchi, Danny Decena, Joseph Schimizzi, Christina Vagi, Andre Shumann, Kiyomi Shishido, Mark Baxter, Pouyan Afkary, Open Drives, Andrew L Schieffelin & the Action.

Dedicated to Jeff Brue & Dan Wedick.

Warhorse Pictures LLC