Julianna Barwick is one of the most acclaimed and innovative American electronic musicians today. By looping her own voice with other spare sounds from piano, guitar, and beyond, she builds lush, ethereal soundscapes that belie the one-woman-band behind them. Her recordings and collaborations speak to just how imaginative she is, from an entirely improvised album with Ikue Mori and live performances with Yoko Ono and The Flaming Lips, to a collaboration with Dogfish Head Brewery that features field recordings from the floor of the brewery itself. Her latest project is just as innovative: Sister City, a new hotel by Atelier Ace (the team behind Ace Hotel), was looking to collaborate on a sound-art installation to use as a lobby score.

The various sounds within the Sister City lobby score
When Computer Vision recognizes a birds, the AI triggers a light synth to play in "Circumstance Synthesis."

More @ microsoft.com/inculture/musicxtech/sister-city-hotel-julianna-barwick-ai-soundscape/

Project showing in Time Square

MICROSOFT "Sister City feat. Julianna Barwick"