To many of us, a bicycle is just something we ride for fun or to work. But for many young and underprivileged people around the world, a bicycle represents freedom. While writing the song, I imagined I was a boy from a broken home who finally saved up enough money to buy a bike. I pictured how fast he rode, and how empowered he felt, finally able to explore a city that was once limited to only the people and places he could run to. In my mind, he kept riding, maybe forever, away from a black and white reality, into a colorful world of dreams, where he could be anyone and anything he imagined. - Shungudzo


The Scraper Bike Team is a non-profit that empowers urban youth living in underserved communities through self-expression and creativity. We encourage youth entrepreneurship and promote healthy, sustainable living for all. The Scraper Bike Team will use each work of bicycle art to impact social justice and global change.

Starring Shungudzo & the Original Scraper Bike Team
Director: Joel Knoernschild
Written by: Katie Malia & Joel Knoernschild | Knoernschild Knoernschild's
Producer: Jeremy Summer | Little Moving Pictures
Director of Photography: Ethan Indorf
1st AC: Dean Snodgrass
2nd AC: Tyler McPherron
DIT/Colorist: Bobby Maruvada
Drone Op: Joel Knoernschild
Editor: Al Dente
Behind-the-Scenes: Noe Chavez
Gaffer: Matthew Stouppe
Key Grip: Joe Heath
Best Boy: Nico Ortiz Y Pino
Grips: Alex Herter, Nick Yee, Louis Shah, Cain Czopek
2nd AD: Amy Yvonne Yu
Hair & Make-Up / Stylist: Christina Costa
Jacket Art: Kaycee Krieg
Production Assistant: Amanda Reyes
Special Thank You: Baybe Champ, Chris Schieffelin, Johanna Hoffman, Stephen Buchanan
Sony Music Sweden
Music Video Rep for Joel Knoernschild: Jen Herera & Andy Roberts @ Las Bandas Be Brave

BC UNIDOS "Bicycle"