A night out at a legit karaoke bar for Katie and her friend, Horatio, proves to be possibly less than pitch perfect.

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Follow online series from creator, Katie Malia, as she stumbles through life in Los Angeles as a half-Asian mix.

Half-Japanese. Half-German. 100% CONFUSED.


Producer/Writer/Actor: Katie Malia
Featuring: Horatio Sanz and Cary Y. Mizobe
Additional Cast: Keisuke Akizawa, Mari Endo, Lillian Lam, Gordon G. Lee, Michelle Malizaki, Hitoshi Masaki, James Quach, Michael Sun Lee, Harry Du Young.

Director: Joel Knoernschild
Producer: Sunanda Sachatrakul
Cinematographers: Chris Schieffelin and Barry O'Donnell
Camera Assistant: Javier Barajas
Editor: Barry O'Donnell
Sound: Jean Paul Robelot
P.A.: Kelsey Barrett

Special Thanks: Malo Restaurant, Shane Liem, Nicole De La Torriente and Max Karaoke

ALMOST ASIAN "Karaoke" feat. Horatio Sanz